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What we do

What we do

Edgetech offer the most comprehensive range of industrial manufacturing products and services as well as consultancy there is in the market. Our intention is to develop and grow a business that will provide the best representation in the sales, services and marketing as well as consultancy by way of:

providing our clienteles, a one stop solution outsourcing center for all their plant production and facilities needs specializing on energy efficiency & environmental conservation.

a very focused approach to each clientele's needs and a limited spectrum of principals, so as to ensure close concentration and providing the right solution for your every requirement.

 turnkey solutions that allows clienteles to write ONE purchase order for complete engineering task timely and quality products and services coupled with the dedicated after sales service.


Turnkey solutions

Allows clienteles to outsource instantaneously from one source having the same quality assurance and cost saving terms for faster turnaround time and complete engineering task..

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